South Carolina Faded Camo Palmetto Tree Embroidered Snapback Hat



These hats have been 10+ years in the making, and they’re worth every bit! Long ago I wanted a 3D embroidered hat with my unique Rybo Palmetto design. However, 3D embroidery is much harder than it looks, and it’s tough to find someone who can carry out what I had in my head. After some initial set-backs, I shelved the idea in the back of my mind. Something about seeing the hats this past baseball season brought it all back, though, and I was finally able to make it a reality!

These faded camo use a sweet ripstop canavs material and look great with just about anything.

Enjoy the classic Rybo Palmetto on these super sweet polyester snapbacks – perfect for gameday, going out or bumming around the house!

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